Is HoliSnacks a treat or a dietary supplement?

HoliSnacks primarily is a dietary supplement. Each kind is developed for different health issues. For therapeutic use, please follow the instruction for dosage written on the box, but you may increase the dosage by 50% for an extra large size dog. Applying as a treat, you may give 2-3 bites at a time. 

For what kind of dogs or breeds can HoliSnacks be given?

HoliSnacks can be given for all dogs regardless of breed, age or size. 

What is the right dosage for my dog?

As a treat, you may give 2-3 bites at a time. (Be careful with Fluxstop because of its strong diarrhea reduction effect.) For preventative use, or for minor health problem, please follow the instructions written on the box. In case of stronger symptoms, or if you have a large size dog, you may increase the dosage by 50%. 

Is there any side effects of HoliSnacks?

Herbal therapy is one of the safest methods available. No side effects or allergic reactions are registered, however a too large dose is never recommended from anything. 

For therapeutic use, how long does it take to get the desired effect?

It varies from dog to dog, depending on the size of the and the severity of the symptoms. Relaxibites is recommended to start several days before the stressful event, while Fluxstop takes effect in a very short time after the diarrhea starts. Artrobites can be given for prolonged prophylaxis, but with stronger symptoms and with other medication together, the dosage may be increased by 50%, thus accelerating the recovery. 

Can HoliSnacks be ordered outside of Hungary?

You may place your order trough our website, and our customer service will contact you with the shipping details. We also have an online distributor partner in Romania: www.KENNELS.RO

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