Attila Schlosser International Handler

Attila Schlosser International Handler
Budapest, Hungary
Attila Schlosser International Handler, Professional Groomer and instructor, owner of Schlosser Studio.

I have been introduced to these treats early, in the testing phase. During dog shows, I found  the Relaxibites and the Fluxstop the most effective. In order to achieve the expected result,  for a stressful dog, I recommend to start supplying Relaxibites 1-2 days earlier. Its fantastic and delicious flavor works as a magnet, and makes it easy to set the dog in the right position. Fluxstop is very helpful in stressful situations that sometimes causes diarrhea. Accidents occur in both exhibitions and journeys as well as in the grooming salon, and in these situations, a quickest fix that stops diarrhea.

As a professional dog groomer , I have good experience with Dermobites also. In a few days only, a spectacular effect can be achieved in dogs with shadding and other skin related issues. 

I find each of the HoliSnacks  premium quality and I definitely recommend them to my guests.

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